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     Kazasov house is an architectural monument of culture. It is a typical representation of the late National Revival architecture of Tryavna. It was built in 1854 by Master Dimitur Serpov. It is a massive, two-storied house rising on the corner of two crossing streets. The house is a symbol of the unbending spirit and self-confidence of Tryavna people during the National Revival period. It was the native house of Dimo Totev Kazasov who was prominent political, social and culturally-active figure.

     The house is situated in the central part of the town opposite the monument and in the immediate vicinity of the revolutionary Angel Kunchevs native home. It is a two-storied frame house. The workshop is located on the stone-built ground floor. The first floor is bay -extended beyond the walls of the ground floor from all the four sides and in the middle there is a sheltered and glazed verandah.

      In 2008 the house was thoroughly reconstructed. We did our utmost to preserve some of the interior characteristic features typical of the National Revival style of construction.

      The house consists of one flat with private sanitary accommodations and two separate rooms with joint sanitary accommodations. At your request the two separate rooms could be converted into a self-contained flat because of the fact that they have a common entrance.

      The rooms are equipped with beds, dressing tables, chest of drawers, wardrobes, small refrigerator cellarets and TV sets.

     The local heating installation functions through a thermo pump which uses the energy of the underground waters.

     The plumbing provides an alternative of self-supply from private water source a well.



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